Thursday, July 5, 2012

You have two wings...

You have two wings...
One is small the other is bit old
But both are thine life...
I am a tree, a small one
With lot of branches and flowers
Sometimes you sitting in me
With thy wavy wings
I always listen to you with
A lot of admiration
Because you are the
One who struggled to
Build a beautiful nest
Even with the wavy wings.
I always covering you
With my yellow leaves
And given my branch
A tiny tree could love
A wavy winged bird?
Always you fly off
To the unlimited end of sky
And i am waiting still you come
Without sleeping, without murmuring.
When there comes a rain without a question,
I keep you in my safe hands,
Maybe you never knows
The storm that comes us
You were in a dream
Smile like a kid...
I bleed and given my tears
The storm roared with angry
and took away my hands
But i preserved one,
Where you dreaming like heaven...
May my blood spreads on you
But think it as my soul
It may not awake you...
It will be with you as a scar
And protect you from the unseen eagles

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