Friday, July 6, 2012

Are O' Khawali

Are O' Khawali
You are an equal sign
To my Love....
You are irritation
But you are the path
Which leads to eccentricity
In the high pitch
You are not only in
The edge of meditation
But also in border of madness
meditation and madness...
The sides of a coin....
The hearing is in confusion...
Even in your last breath
You are melting in love...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Why should I hate Bappu?

Why should I hate Bappu?
He is the one who
told me of Ahimsa.
But I stand with someone
Who like to write,
The story with blood.
But my dear Bappu,
We never blamed you...
You given your right cheeks
Those who slapped your left
But we, captured the hand
And tear it off to the street.
You taught me the tactic of fasting...
And I am living with it in new birth...
We are walking to opposites
But the aim is the light...
Why should i hate you?
At least you are the
Other side of the coin
Be blind and deaf
In your rebirth...
I am doing the same here....

my dear Tata

Hey my dear Tata
We loved you so much
You, not only the owner of the earth
But also of our heart.
Let me kiss on your bald
And you giving me thine dreams
I can see flame on there,
Its firing like "Lava"
The words splitting and
Sticking on the heart
You are here Tata..
You are here.....

My feels and likes

I feel to cry like hell
But i like to laugh like heaven
I feel to jump across the river
But I like to sit in the bank
I feel to tear off the petal
But I like to smell the fragrance
I feel to melt in you
But I like to become silence for you
I feel to climb the mountain
But I like to enjoy the beauty of valley
I feel to roar in the crowd
But I like to smile at everyone........
Do you know why I am like?
Its not my mistake,
Because I am in a mirror..
The reflection here is inverted.

What should I write..


What should I write........... feel not to write my name.... even your name..........

A strange feel to both names.

close to the earth.........

I lived in the palace of clouds 
Now you can just touch my world....
so close to the earth.........
My food is the leaves and smoke...
In the morning the clouds drop me to the endless path,
And I'm flowing like breeze here and there,
Expecting you every moment..............
You, who could lift me up to the heaven.......

You N' Me

In a round table 
You N' Me
Sipping the hot coffee and 
Breathing delicious smoke.
Friendship blooming in streets
But Love rising its eyes 
In Coffee tables...............